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Anxiety? Pain or health challenges? Feeling stuck?

  • reduce emotional and physical pain and distress

  • liberate surprising gains in health and healing

  • release blocks to making desired life and habit changes

Discover the relief, healing and empowerment possible with novel but proven tools such as EFT Tapping. An innovative clinical and do-it-yourself technique for emotional and physical distress, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) utilizes tapping on one's own body and elements from neuroscience, modern psychology and Chinese medicine. Such "Tapping" triggers immediate, powerful changes in the body and brain that can:  

Evidence-based. Access from home. Kid-friendly. Sliding scale fees.

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Severe 24/7 pregnancy nausea 90% relieved after one session.

"You figured out how to outsmart certain stresses that others haven't."

Nurse's frozen shoulder freed in 20 minutes.

"The awesome way you listened, Tapping combined with energy

exercises, the coaching--it's the whole medley that was so good for me.”

"A more peaceful existence is possible."

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EFT Tapping:

  • stands for "Emotional Freedom Techniques," but is used on both emotional and physical distress, to support change, and to improve performance (see below)

  • impacts the brain, stress hormones, nervous system, immune system, and more

  • ​combines elements of (needleless) acupuncture and cognitive/exposure therapy

  • involves tapping on acupressure points on one's own body (or alternative techniques), while focusing attention on specific memories or issues

  • can be used with a professional, on your own, in a group, in schools, at work, and with all ages: babies, kids, teens, adults and elders.

*EFT Tapping does not replace the need for appropriate medical oversight and care as needed.

EFT basics

What is EFT Tapping used for?

Research shows that EFT Tapping has an immediate effect on the nervous system, 

hormones, and brain. Due to its actions on the core systems of the body, it has been found

to have a beneficial impact on a startling range of issues. It's commonly used for:

  - general or specific anxiety

  - chronic or acute pain

  - troublesome memories

  - post-traumatic stress

  - stress-affected symptoms

  - immune system boost

  - first aid/injury support 

  - pre-/post-surgery

  - fear of flying, speaking,  

    animals, tests, etc.

  - healthy weight loss

  - changing habits

  - clarifying goals

  - getting unstuck

  - speaking, sports, etc.

EFT is used in both clinical and private settings, by individuals or groups, in schools and work-places, in families, by trauma survivors, by athletes, by speakers, and much more. It can be used with a professional practitioner, and/or learned and used on your own.

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Tapping's effectiveness is backed by science

Scientists at Harvard, UCBerkeley, Walter Reed Military Medical Center, and other reputable institutions have conducted randomized clinical trials, dismantling studies, and meta-analyses that demonstrate the effectiveness of clinical EFT, or 'Tapping.'


Over 100 papers published in at least 20 different peer-reviewed medical/psychology journals demonstrate EFT Tapping's effectiveness with phobias, anxiety, depression, PTSD,  and  pain.  Newer studies demonstrate EFT's beneficial impacts on: test anxiety; fear of public speaking; tension headaches; frozen shoulder syndrome; pain of childbirth; psoriasis; chemical lung injuries; blood glucose levels, fibromyalgia, and more.

EFT affects the brain, stress hormones, the nervous system, and more, and is accepted as an evidence-based treatment by the Veterans Administration. 

The best way to assess Tapping's effectiveness on a specific issue is to try it. You may also be inspired by more than 5,000 articles, case studies and testimonials of others using EFT.

EFT's used for...
Science intro
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Energy Medicine refers to tools and techniques that work with the fundamentally energetic nature of the human body.

This can include EKGs, MRIs, acupuncture, bone-growth machines, the EFT Tapping and Eden Energy Medicine that I utilize, and many other healing practices that engage the pronounced, measurable or subtle energies of illness/wellness in the body and mind. 


Tapping and Energy Medicine talks, workshops, and private sessions:

  • Book an eye-opening talk or interview on the science and use of EFT Tapping & Energy Medicine

  • Hold a (live video) Tapping workshop with 'hands-on' learning and live demonstrations

  > kid-/family-friendly

  > free exploratory call

  > complete sliding scale

  > satisfaction guarantee

  > access safely from home

Talks, workshops, sesh's

I think what we owe each other is a celebration of life, and to replace fear and hopelessness with fearlessness and joy. 

-- Vandana Shiva

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