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 Talks & Workshops 

 Awaken wonder, curiosity, and new possibilities in your group or audience with an interactive glimpse into energy medicine fundamentals, fascinating science, surprising stories and take-home, DIY techniques.

It's more important than ever to share new sources of optimism, life-changing science, and easy, effective ways to take charge of our lives and health.

Skeptical, curious, or professional audiences can explore modern energy medicine and  new tools for healing and empowerment:

> A fascinating glimpse into ancient knowledge and cutting edge discoveries of the energetic world we live in.

> Inspiring studies and stories beyond what many may have imagined possible.

> Engaging exercises, demonstrations, and simple but powerful take-home techniques for stress relief and wellbeing.

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Sophie Rose

> 30 years' experience  as an engaging and inclusive speaker, trainer and facilitator across a wide range of audiences.

> Performing poet and TEDx speaker.

> Wellness practitioner and researcher with personal experience of post-traumatic healing and growth.

I love sharing the surprising world--and science--of  EFT Tapping and Eden Energy Medicine, doing demos and teaching simple but powerful techniques anyone can do.

Impacts can be profound among people who share experiences in common... and we offer low- or no-costs talk and workshops every month for low-budget groups or events.

I love sharing talks or workshops to a group's particular interests. To explore the possibilities, send a note below.

Possible Topics:

The Secrets & Science of Energy Medicine

The Energy Body & DIY Energy Healing

EFT Tapping/Energy Medicine for:

> Dissolving Stress, Phobias & Anxiety

> Pain and Physical Symptoms Relief

> Navigating Habits & Life Changes

> Reclaiming Zest for Life at any Age

> Innovative Support for Kids & Teens

Energy Medicine & Trauma Recovery

Novel tie-ins to your own areas of interest

* remote or in person availability

* an inclusive approach catered

to your particular group

* interactive learning and demon-strations where appropriate

Fees vary by group, audience, organization. 

Send a message or book a free chat to explore a talk, interview or workshop. 

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