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Money-back Satisfaction Guarantee

Our methods, while evidence-based, are new to many. And while confident, we recognize that every person and situation is unique.

If a Sigh of Relief Intensive, Session, Talk, or Workshop doesn't work as well as expected, I will readily return your fees.

We want every exchange to reflect values of care, trust and empower-ment at the core of our mission.

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A More Beautiful--& Equitable--World

We believe that everyone deserves relief and empowerment. And that healing and transformation are both individual and collective endeavors.

We recognize that money is steeped in unequal access--often across generations--to pay, land, education, credit, housing, healthcare, and more. We hope to equalize the impact of our fees when we can.

To help create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible,* Sigh of Relief offers low- and no-cost workshops, intensives and sessions every month. Below, see how to access or contribute to these services.;)

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Low- or No-Cost Demonstratios & Workskhops

To explore a low- or no-cost talk or interactive workshop for your formal or informal group, please send an inquiry.


Low- or No-Cost Private Sessions

If a small or deep discount will help you access Sigh of Relief services,  please send a quick message, or book a free chat.

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The More



Help us share life-changing tools with more who could use it. Please share your interest with a note or book a free chat.;)

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