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What is the CORE RESTORE Body/Mind Healing Intensive?

With Core Restore, find relief and create wellness from the inside out. Feel a shift in weeks, not months, and build healing energy habits that will support you for years.

Sigh of Relief intensives are designed to quickly create the best results by:

  • Giving a specific, select issue a focused burst of attention

  • Combining private sessions w/ simple self care + personal support

  •  Achieving rapid results while teaching life-changing DIY tools


Week 1: > An intro chat + a few key questions will help shape your intensive.

> After simple DIY  'prep steps,' we'll delve right into your priority issue in a double-length energy medicine session

Weeks 2 & 3: > Easy DIY home practices + personal support by text (if desired) reinforce and extend session outcomes

> A 2nd EM session in one week, then another double sesh the next clears barriers to and deepens desired shifts


 Week 4 (ish): Your personal wrap-up session will solidify, extend & celebrate wins + explore possible next steps.

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Learn more about Energy Medicine, or shop all Intensives & Private Sessions.

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Sigh of Relief energy medicine techniques measurably impact core systems of the body and mind.

Which is how they work on a very wide range of body/mind issues. Still, we focus on those areas where we've seen the most success, both in studies, and in practice. These include:

Deeply de-stress & boost core health

By undoing acute + chronic stress, your digestion, sleep, immune system, healing capacity, creativity and joy all get a boost.

Unscramble & ground your energies

Feeling confused, scattered, unsettled, or unable to get traction? Literally grounding + restoring energy flow can be profound.

Balance under/over hormone levels

Energy medicine can actually help balance cortisol, thyroid, estrogen, testosterone, adrenal, thyroid and other hormones.

Instill new emotional or life harmony

Do your emotions, relationships, or life elements feel out of whack? Working directly with your correlated energy systems can help usher in new balance.


Work with chakras, aura, meridians, etc.

Science can now measure the human biofield, meridian acupuncture points and more. Using energy medicine, we directly assess and work with these systems to support health, healing and wellness.

To book or consider a Core Restore,

start by booking a free chat.

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How it works:

 Time investment:

After booking an CR, the Core Restore takes about 4 to 6 weeks to complete.

Your intensive's home-care practices can be done in as little as 5 minutes a day.


The $963 fee is all-inclusive: clarifying goal(s), 2 regular + 2 double private sessions, custom DIY practices, personal support by text, & suggested next steps.

Access lower fee services:

If Sigh of Relief fees are a burden or barrier, check out our affordability/equity fee scale and pro bono services. :)

Money-back satisfaction guarantee:

Our purpose is healing & empowerment; thus, we gladly offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Start with a free chat

To book a Core Restore, learn more, or explore if one is right for you and your issue/goal, start by booking a free chat.

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Explore a Rapid Rescue

or Change-Maker Intensive.

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your audience or group with ancient wisdom, incredible science, and take-home, DIY techniques.


shop talk, referrals, project ideas, cross-training, events, and  other cooperative possibilities



physical and emotional relief, clarity, ease, wellness and optimal performance



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