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What is Energy Medicine?

From DNA to the 6' detectable field of the heart, science keeps 'discovering' what systems of medicine throughout history have recognized: the energetic nature of our body, mind and health.

Medical devices like EKGs, EEGs, MRIs, defibrillators, and pulsed EMF 'bone-growers' rely on the energetic aspects intrinsic to every part of our bodies.

Virtually every process which is keeping you alive can be traced back to an electric field that your body is creating." 

 Dr. Jack Fraser, physicist and computational bioinformatics

With a variety of techniques, energy medicine  works with the electromagnetic and more subtle forms of energy at the core of healing and thriving.

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique, Bala

Energy Medicine is a holistic approach to wellness:

  • All of the systems and aspects of the body affect one another; the underlying components of health and ill health are interrelated. 

  • Energy is the foundation of our physical reality. Imbalances often show up there first, making energy interventions powerful for prevention or healing.

  •  Our body, and energy field/systems, have their own wisdom. By creating the right conditions, we can activate our capacity for healing. 

Sigh of Relief relies on two proven forms of energy medicine: Clinical EFT Tapping & Eden Energy Medicine.

Clinical EFT Tapping

With a deceptively simple set of techniques, EFT Tapping combines elements of (non-needle) acupuncture, exposure therapy, and neuroplasticity to rewire stress reactions and unlock surprising life and health breakthroughs.

Clinical EFT ("Emotional Freedom Techniques") Tapping is well-studied and effective with a startling range of physical, emotional, and life issues. It works by engaging the core systems of the brain and nervous system

Tapping on acupressure points of the face and body with the fingertips, while tuned into specific aspects of an issue, has an immediate affect and can lead to a lasting shift.

EFT Tapping can be used with kids, individuals or groups;  for emotional/physical first aid, to improve performance, or for healing and transformation; on your own, or with a trained practitioner for faster and comprehensive changes.

To learn Tapping basics, try this video. Or explore whether EFT Tapping is right for your issue with a free chat.

Tapping Technique, Stomach Chakra, EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique .jpg

We teach and use EFT Tapping to help clients:

  • Clear phobias and situational anxiety

  • Reduce or clear pain and physical issues

  • Get "unstuck" and successfully traverse life changes

  • Shift outdated beliefs or unhelpful patterns​

  • Gain clarity, make decisions and act

  • Desensitize troubling memories and intrusive thoughts

  • Navigate oppression and identity issues

  • Effectively declutter and energize spaces

  • Emotional/physical  first aid, use with kids, and in relationshipsU

*You can find hundreds of clinical and case studies that demonstrate the incredible versatility and effectiveness of Clinical EFT Tapping at

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Eden Energy Medicine

Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) is a comprehensive system of energy medicine developed over decades by world-renowned healer and teacher Donna Eden. EEM offers simple, powerful self-care exercises, while hands-on practitioners evaluate and help balance nine core energy systems that shape our mind/body health.

Donna Eden, always able to perceive energy, suffered from major childhood illness--and by her 30's, a heart attack and Multiple Sclerosis. Experimenting with energy work on herself, she gradually made a full recovery. Her discoveries overlap with practices found around the world. Now in her 70's, she continues to teach globally.

* Donna achieved stunning levels of success and credibility in decades of private practice in Ashland, OR. 

* She authored authoritative textbook Energy Medicine, with her clinical psychologist husband, David Feinstein.

* Scientific findings validate many aspects of energy medicine, with evidence growing every day.

woman in yoga pose, glowing seven all chakra. Kundalini energy. girl practicing meditation
Northern Lights

EEM energy body anatomy:

> Meridians

> Chakras

> Aura/Biofield

> Radiant Circuits

> Five Rhythms

> Electrics

>  Celtic Weave

> Triple Warmer

> Basic Grid

Experiencing Eden Energy Medicine

The Eden Method (one of our energy medicine modalities) includes Sigh of Relief Talks & Workshops and Private Sessions when it fits the program, topic or goal.

In private sessions focused primarily on Eden Energy Medicine, we first establish a simple, body-based way to directly test your energy systems, and our progress.

Then, you mainly relax on a massage table (fully clothed) while I (or we) make energy corrections with holds/massage-like activities, non-needle/touch acupuncture, and so on.

After checking energy basics (e.g. grounding, polarity), we'll focus on an issue or system such as emotions, pain, chakras, hormones, meridians, electrics, and more. (See above.)

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your audience or group with ancient wisdom, incredible science, and take-home, DIY techniques.


Flower Arrangements

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