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Sophie Rose

  • Personally recovered from Complex PTSD, with continued post-traumatic growth & healing

  • 30 years of experience with a range of healing modalities

  • Versatile speaker, educator, and group facilitator

  • Professional and personal background in social justice, equity and inclusion

  • Writer, performing poet, artist and regenepreneur, living mainly in the Finger Lakes area, NY.

Energy medicine speaker, practitioner, educator & coach

  • Expert EFTU-Certified Clinical EFT (Tapping) Practitioner

  • Professional training in Eden Energy Medicine by world-renowned energy medicine authority Donna Eden

  • Potent laser coaching techniques as appropriate

  • Talks & workshops

  • Professional collaborations

  • Private sessions & groups​​​​

See specialties below

As a trauma-survivor, voracious learner, and relentless optimist, I've been on a quest of personal and collective healing all my life.

In three decades as a community organizer and educator, I saw how many people on all "sides" are anxious, stressed and isolated.

Meanwhile, brain science tells us that when our body's alarm systems are calmed and rewired, thinking becomes more expansive, behavior is more positive, and even "miraculous" healing can occur. 
We all have an innate capacity for wellbeing... yet the body's natural defenses and habits can also get in the way. 

My obsession with dissolving barriers to wholeness and empowerment led me to EFT Tapping and Eden Energy Medicine, as they directly impact our core systems.

These forms of energy medicine are  the most direct, versatile, and powerful
tools I've found for bringing about positive change. 
I share Sigh of Relief techniques as widely as possible by offering empowering self-care exercises, expert professional care, an equity fee scale, and a money-back satisfaction-guarantee.
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Specialities ~ helping participants & clients:

  • Clear phobias and situational anxiety

  • Use EFT / EEM for pain and physical issues

  • Get "unstuck" and successfully traverse life changes

  • Escape outdated beliefs and unhelpful patterns​

  • Liberate healing around chronic conditions

  • Desensitize troubling memories and intrusive thoughts

  • Navigate oppression and identity issues

  • Gain clarity, make decisions and act

  • Learn energy medicine first aid, use with kids, and in relationshipsU

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