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Eden Energy Medicine (2 Hrs)

HALF PRICE SALE! Book after buying a plan, or start by booking a free chat.

  • 2 hours
  • Usually at my locale; more info after booking.

Service Description

Relaxing, hands-on evaluation and balancing of your underlying energies, from basics like polarity and grounding to a focus on the meridians, aura, rhythms, chakras, etc. After three years of training and mentoring in Eden Energy Medicine, I, Sophie, am a Certified Practitioner candidate offering sessions at a deep discount.

Cancellation policy and satisfaction guarantee.

Last-minute rescheduling can usually be accommodated without a charge. We like to be flexible! However, for no-shows, or if cancellations start to interfere with my/our work, we revert to charging if not cancelled at least 24 hours prior. Thank you!

Contact Details

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