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"Sophie can talk to and relate to people of all kinds. She is fearless and gives 150% to everything she does."

  • More than 25 years experience with transformational and healing tools

  • Trained and experienced in social  justice and diversity inclusion work

EFTU, the leader in EFT research and training, and one of the largest alternative medicine organizations in the world, reaching over 10 million people a year in 15 languages.

I give talks on modern science, Tapping, trauma resilience, energy medicine and related topics. I've given a TEDx talk, spoken at Thunder Mountain Retreat Center and the Hopi nation,

Experience with many different healing modalities led me to embrace the speed, effectiveness and versatility of Tapping as a transformational powertool.

Work with your group

Collaborate to teach or use EFT as a DIY tool...


If you/a client is referred by a healthcare provider or other healing professional, we may be able to condense the intake questionnaire/process and jump right in to clearing the identified issue.  

Trade information....

Collaborate to teach or use EFT as a DIY tool...



Creative or life blocks

Stuck patterns & limiting beliefs

Cravings, health & body image

practical expertise in easy healthy eating, doable fitness, meditation for 'non-meditators,' using affirmations effectively, decluttering and space design, personal branding, navigating life transitions, and nurturing happiness.

Randomized clinical trials (RCTs, the gold standard of scientific studies) clinical studies to affect stress hormones, brain activity, and other aspects of the autonomic nervous system.

As with many medical or scientific advances, people saw that EFT worked before knowing why it worked.

EFT has been shown to affect the autonomic nervous system, stress hormones, and brain activity.

In short, tapping seems to disassociate events or symptoms from a stress response, rewiring the brain and enabling spontaneous relief, insight, and permanent shifts. (For more, see links below.)


Tapping is an evidence-backed practice

Randomized clinical trials (RCTs) are the gold standard of scientific studies on whether a treatment works. Scientists at Harvard, UCBerkeley, Walter Reed Military Medical Center, and other research facilities around the world have conducted studies and meta-analyses on Tapping (clinical EFT) that have been published in at least 20 different peer-reviewed professional journals.

Studies on relieving phobias, anxiety, depression and PTSD show Tapping (clinical EFT) to be an 'empirically-validated' and 'efficacious' technique according to well-defined standards of The American Psychological Association.

EFT been shown to improve “purely” physical issues as well (see below.)


Six "dismantling studies" have shown the tapping component to be an 'active ingredient' in the efficacy of EFT.

It's fast

Studies have shown EFT to effectively reduce or eliminate text anxiety, fear of public speaking, and a variety of pain conditions, from tension headaches to frozen shoulder syndrome to pain of childbirth, and even psoriasis, often in a single session.

With 4 to 10 sessions (individual or group,) EFT has been shown to reduce pain, anxiety and other symptoms in veterans with PTSD and with chemical-pulminary-injuries, fibromalgia patients. It's even been shown to help control blood glucose levels.

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