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What is EFT Tapping?

With a deceptively simple set of techniques, EFT Tapping combines elements of (no-needle) acupuncture, exposure therapy, and brain dynamics to rewire stress reactions and unlock surprising gains in health, healing and performance.

Clinical EFT Tapping is a well-studied technique.* While EFT stands for "Emotional Freedom Techniques, it's effective with a startling range of physical, emotional, and life issues by engaging core systems of the brain and nervous system

Tapping on acupressure points of the face and body with the fingertips, (usually one's own,) while tuned into specific elements of an issue has an immediate affect and can lead to a lasting shift.

EFT Tapping can be used anywhere, from first aid and relief, to better performance, to profound transformation. It's great for kids, individuals or groups. It can be learned and used on your own, or with a trained practitioner for faster and deeper changes.

To learn Tapping basics,
try this video. Or learn more and explore whether EFT Tapping is right for your issue with a free chat.

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Helping participants & clients:

  • Clear phobias and situational anxiety

  • Use EFT for pain and physical issues

  • Get "unstuck" and successfully traverse life changes

  • Shift outdated beliefs or unhelpful patterns​

  • Gain clarity, make decisions and act

  • Desensitize troubling memories and intrusive thoughts

  • Navigate oppression and identity issues

  • Effectively declutter and energize spaces

  • Learn energy medicine first aid, use with kids, and in relationshipsU

*You can find hundreds of clinical and case studies that demonstrate the incredible versatility and effectiveness of Clinical EFT Tapping at

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What's a session like?

  • Start by scheduling a free chat, and/or fill out our brief intake form when you book your first session.

  • In your first session, you'll learn EFT Tapping (if new to it), and strategically apply it to your top issue.

  • Typically, Sophie's will lead you in tapping on points on your own face and body, and other EFT protocols.  

  • Eden Energy Medicine exercises or other coaching tools will be offered as called for. 

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your audience or group with ancient wisdom, incredible science, and take-home, DIY techniques.


shop talk, referrals, project ideas, cross-training, events, and  other cooperative possibilities



physical and emotional relief, clarity, ease, wellness and optimal performance



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