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Eden Energy Medicine

Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) is a comprehensive system of energy medicine developed over decades by world-renowned healer and teacher Donna Eden. EEM offers simple, powerful exercises that anyone can do, while hands-on practitioners evaluate and help balance nine core energy systems that shape our mind/body health.

Donna Eden, always able to perceived energy, suffered from major childhood illness and by her 30's, a heart attack and Multiple Sclerosis. Experimenting with energy work on herself, she gradually made a full recovery. Her discoveries overlap with practices found around the world; now in her 70's, she continues to teach globally.

* Donna achieved stunning levels of success and credibility in decades of private practice in Ashland, OR. 

* She authored authoritative textbook Energy Medicine, with her clinical psychologist husband, David Feinstein.

* Scientific findings validate many aspects of energy medicine, with evidence growing every day.

woman in yoga pose, glowing seven all chakra. Kundalini energy. girl practicing meditation
Northern Lights

EEM energy body anatomy:

> Meridians

> Chakras

> Aura/Biofield

> Radiant Circuits

> Five Rhythms

> Electrics

>  Celtic Weave

> Triple Warmer

> Basic Grid

Energy Medicine is a holistic approach to wellness.

  • Different systems and aspects of the body affect one another, and the underlying components of health, or ill health are interrelated. 

  • Our energy is the foundation of our physical reality--imbalances often show up there first, making energy work powerful as prevention or intervention.

  •  Our body, and energy, have their own wisdom. When we help create the right conditions, we can activate our capacity for healing. 

This approach rests on the following assumptions:

Why Energy Medicine?

Always be sure to access medical care as needed. Also consider Eden Energy Medicine when you're concerned with:

  • Stress and overwhelm

  • Emotional upset/numbness

  • Physical pain or distress​

  • Thyroid/metabolism/hormones

  • Feeling stuck in life/in the past 

  • Healing from injury or illness

  • Brain fog, lack of inspiration 

  • Fatigue, low or scattered energy

  • Surgery prep and/or recovery

  • Feeling disconnected

  • Healthy pregnancy/menopause

  • Core health and resiliency

  • Supporting your family's health

  • Much more! (Chat with me.)

What Does it DO?

Eden Energy Medicine addresses specific energy imbalances through testing, exercises and hands-on techniques. (See more  below.)

Common outcomes* include:

  • Deep nervous system reset

  • Emotional relief, fresh start 

  • Physical symptoms relief

  • Hormonal balance / improvement

  • Release of past trauma / patterns

  • Agility during change / transitions

  • Onset of / accelerated healing

  • New clarity and inspiration

  • Stronger immunity and resiliency

  • Abundant, grounded energy

  • Aging with optimism and vibrancy

  • Feelings of connection, hope, joy

*Because underlying causes and energies vary; so does the speed and nature of outcomes.

What's Eden Energy Medicine like?

The Eden Method (one of our energy medicine modalities) is taught or utilized in Sigh of Relief Talks & Workshops and Private Sessions when it fits the program, topic or goal.

In private sessions focused primarily on Eden Energy Medicine, we first establish a simple, body-based way to directly test your energy systems, and our progress.

Then, you mainly relax on a massage table (fully clothed) while I (or we) make energy corrections with holds/massage-like activities, non-needle/touch acupuncture, and so on.

After checking energy basics (e.g. grounding, polarity), we'll focus on an issue or system such as emotions, pain, chakras, hormones, meridians, electrics, and more. (See above.)

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