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What if relief from problematic fears or anxieties was at your fingertips? Or if surprising health or life breakthroughs were possible--with energy medicine? 

Liberate ease, healing and empowerment with the surprising, proven power of our  techniques.

Ancient wisdom, cutting edge science, and our innate capacity for healing and wellness are woven together in Sigh of Relief talks, workshops, collaborative intensives and private sessions.

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With this mini intensive, meet a challenge and experience real results in just two weeks. Especially good for:

  • Surgery: lower stress, boost success

  • Clear a phobia/particular anxiety

  • Gain clarity around a decision/action 

  • Reduce pain or a physical symptom

  • Get relief around emotional distress

Northern Lights

Inner shifts can change everything. Specific energy medicine and other techniques can help you to tangibly:

  • De-stress deeply + boost core health

  • Unscramble & ground your energies

  • Balance under/over hormone levels

  • Instill new emotional or life harmony

  • Work w/ chakras, aura, or meridians 

If you truly want to get unstuck  and do something new, energy medicine + laser coaching can help get you over the hump!

  • Clarify a big desire or decision

  • Lose/gain a habit with more ease

  • Release limiting beliefs & take action 

  • Clear clutter (any kind) for big change

  • Find new peace/power w/ life changes

Rapid ResultsIntensives

White Flowers

Client Results & Feedback:

"The part of me that was so anxious about the surgery doesn't seem like me anyore."

Severe 24/7 pregnancy nausea 90% relieved after a single session.

"You figured out how to outsmart certain stresses that others haven't."

A busy nurse's frozen shoulder freed in 20 minutes.

"The awesome way you listened, Tapping combined with energy

exercises, the coaching--it's the whole medley that was so good for me.”

A lifelong extreme snake phobia transformed in one hour.

"A more peaceful existence is possible."

I think what we owe each other is a celebration of life, and to replace fear and hopelessness with fearlessness and joy. 
-- Vandana Shiva

Field of Chrysanthemums


your audience or group with ancient wisdom, incredible science, and take-home, DIY techniques.


shop talk, referrals, project ideas, cross-training, events, and  other cooperative possibilities



physical and emotional relief, clarity, ease, wellness and optimal performance



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